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  • whatabouttoday 1:29 am on July 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    More posts soon, promise… 

    So we have been super busy this past week or so, but I wanted to take a moment to point something out that’s rather interesting I noticed recently: About a year and a half ago, I wrote a review on “Kranked 7: The Cackle Factor” for Rip TV after attending its world premiere, bashing it for its poor quality – before you go on, please read the article HERE… So, not a year later Radical Films released the trailer for their newest film called “Kranked 7: Revolve,” and I swear to god, the Radical Films team has my review posted up in every room in their office making sure to adhere to it. I think when they chose to call it “Revolve,” it meant the complete 180 degree revolution it did in quality. Now, I have tey to see the film, but if the trailer is any indication for how good the film is going to be I have a feeling that my review wont have the word “amateur” anywhere near it. Check out the trailer HERE!

    • awmb 6:28 am on October 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      the last time you posted here was in june. what’s happening here.

  • whatabouttoday 6:39 pm on June 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Childhood / Manhood 

    As we grow out of our reeboks and start eating vegetables because we want to, many of us often find ourselves trying to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Some of us work 9-5 and spend the remainder of our day exploring our youth watching films or drinking with old friends. Others find entertaining jobs but surround themselves with nothing but sleep. Sure, it’s difficult to keep a good grasp on your youth without looking like an immature adult who has no grasp on responsibility, but it is those that let go of that sort of scrutiny and live their lives as they please that are truly happy. 30 year olds that play laser tag just because it’s fun. 60 year olds that blow bubbles just to watch them stick to the walls, if only for a moment. 90 year olds that tell juvenile jokes because they think its funny. It’s these kinds of people that don’t let societal faux pas run their lives and just do as they please. They do what makes them happy. Truly happy.

    try it sometime. its liberating, really.

    try it sometime. its liberating, really.

    As you may have noticed in my last post about Mr. Justin Keena, there was a photo of him swinging from a rope into a large lake; that is what we like to call (if you didn’t already figure it out) “rope swinging.” As of late, this has been one of the best ways we stay young. As children, we always experience cheap thrills. Whether it’s seeing snow for the first time, conquering the mega slide at the carnival, or having a water-balloon fight in October, we are always finding new way to get excited. As adults, this thrill becomes harder to find, and often comes with more risks. Risks that we are willing to take.

    flying high, baby. flying high.

    flying high, baby. flying high.

    When we do this, its not as though we are being malicious or violent towards ourselves, rather, its knowing how far (and high) we can push our bodies. Some people may find it hard to believe, but when we do this we are not doing it to just get high on adrenaline, we also do it for the experience of being among nature and taking the time to breathe in the sunset over the calm lakes. This activity is also reminiscent of the comradeship that you see in any sport. Your friends cheer you on and applaud when you finally swallow the lump in your throat and let go. Even though you are at a complete loss of breath in the air for a few moments, you have time to take in everything around you, especially the way you feel inside. It’s a truly amazing experience, and if you ever get the chance to do it, just remember that the kid inside you it just waiting to get out, and all it takes to put a big smile on your face it to just grab the rope and swing.

    get on that.

    get on that.

  • whatabouttoday 7:07 am on June 21, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    The man, the myth… 

    Keena. His name echoes though the hills and streets of every major city in the world. If you don’t know him by name, you surely know him by the images he creates. This guy has been my best friend for the past two years, and I could honestly go on for hours about how amazing he is, but I think I will let his photos speak his introduction for me:

    fun of all natures.

    I have heard on multiple occasions from many different guys that when it comes to wooing the women, no one can top his man. I once saw him rent out an entire movie theater, set up his own projector, and screen the movie Rad just for the two of them. I also remember him sending flowers to a lady all the way across the US just in time for her parents to be there when they arrived. His timing, as always with this sort of thing, was impeccable. Justin’s motto has always been, “Stop talking, start doing,” and my god he sure does live by that statement. Not a moment of this man’s time is wasted on nonsensical activities, instead he is always looking for adventure, constantly searching for the next big thing that will take his life to new heights. This is one thing that I have always admired about him: his determination to make sure his life is anything but ordinary.

    far from it.

    far from it.

    From our days together at the great FSC, Justin has always been a highly skilled photographer. I have been watching his abilities grow with every passing day, and his images truly reflect the changes both he and his work are going though. Very recently, Justin had his first gallery opening at Chorus Gallery in Somerville, MA. Much like his introduction, I think its best if I just let his work speak for itself:





    Now, if you still don’t want to date this guy… there might be an opening at Tufts tomorrow for a free MRI. Get on that.

    Justin Keena has been and will always be one of the most remarkable people I have ever had the pleasure of befriending. He touches the live of every single person he meets, and without falter makes every one of the fall in love with him. Take the time to check out his site and contact him if you want to see more of his work or, you know, meet up for coffee or something…

    Now sleep.

    • Stebs
  • whatabouttoday 2:54 pm on June 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    6 months. 

    The internet is a very interesting thing. On one hand it tears many people apart and throws them into a world of solidarity and isolation. In my case, it brought me a wonderful person that I have been spending most of my time with over the past 6 months or so. After meeting at a small cafe in Central Square in Boston and a few weeks of making sure we were as perfect for each other as it seemed, on December 12, 2008, Jessica and I made the commitment to become what the cool kids would consider “official.”

    lunch by the riverside.

    lunch by the riverside.

    Now I know you might be thinking, “6 months really isn’t all that long, why celebrate it?” Well my friend, in my eyes 6 months is a very important milestone to make it to. It seems to me that most relationships end before that if they are just silly puppy love. If you are still happy after 6 months of being with only one person than you know that at the very least, you have someone by your side who you can call you true friend. Over the past 6 months we have connected on a level I did not think was possible with a significant other, and I think that is something worth celebrating. Jessica has been there for me through so much in the past 6 months that it’s hard for me to believe that she is still sticking around. From me not knowing where in the world I would be ending up in the next few months, to moving into her room and sleeping in her bed every night, she has made me feel loved and welcomed through all of it. She has supported every decision I have made, and in fact been there during most of my endeavors, and I hers…

    ms walk for jessica's mom.

    ms walk for jessica's mom.

    roadtrip/adventure to see andrew w.k.

    roadtrip/adventure to see andrew w.k.

    It takes a special person to support what you do, but an even more amazing peron to be a part of it regardless of self interest. Jessica has proven to me time and time again throughout these 6 months that no matter where life takes me, she will be by my side for all of it. I think that is there is anything worth celebrating in this life, true love is one of them. This girl not only listens, she LISTENS. On multiple occasions she has come to me with gifts, one of which was a tooth brush that was the colors I had told her I wanted my bike to be… who remembers that?! Then for this anniversary she made me a painting/construction paper cut-out taken from two of my favorite lines from one of the most influencial musician in my life (and our relationship) – Jason Anderson.

    jason anderson.

    flattening into two dimensions how trees are black now. construction paper cut-outs: lavender to charcoal and o, stars.

    She also got me this shirt I have been sweating for months! So psyched!

    sold out.

    sold out.

    All material things put aside, this woman has been one of the biggest driving forces in my life, and I know that she will be around for a long time. Thanks for everything Jessica, you mean so much to me and everything you are and everything you do makes me so appreciative to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. You make me shine…

    Steven J.

    ps – Listen to the mix I made for her of a compilation of songs that made up the soundtrack for the past 6 months of our lives…

    • DYKC?™ 3:10 pm on June 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Classy reflection on the past six months of your life and what Jess means to you, man. Good on you, youngblood. Keep it movin’.

    • Capricia Rae 11:14 pm on June 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Happy six months!

      Also, I would like to note…yessss, OkCupid Club!

      Love you guys!

      um… Exclamation points!!

  • whatabouttoday 3:44 pm on June 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    So I just saw Gran Torino… it was an a… 

    So I just saw Gran Torino… it was an alright film, but the very end made me laugh for hours. Clint Eastwood… singing? Seriously? Check out this comparison:

    Clint Eastwood –
    Kip Dynamite –


  • whatabouttoday 2:00 am on June 15, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Four Generations. 

    For the first time in 5 years, my entire immediate family has traveled to Florida together to visit most of the remaining relatives on my mothers side of the family. Deep in the heart of Southern Florida, my great grandmother, grandmother, uncle, and cousins all live in a town called Vero Beach. Being around this part of my family is always an amazing experience; they are not like your average family in that they never stop laughing and I can tell my grandmother to “get the fuck in the house” and we will both laugh because we all have the same sense of humor. I feel extremely blessed to have a family like this, not to mention that all of them would do anything for me, and I the same for them. It amazing knowing that you have a group of people that feel as strongly about you as you do for them… including making some incredibly delicious southern-style food!

    ribs, baked beans, corn, cornbread & potato salad.

    ribs, baked beans, corn, cornbread & potato salad.

    When something this rare comes along, it’s nice to have something to look back on and laugh even when someone has passed on from this life. Armed with only my web cam, I though that it would be a good idea to get the four generations of ladies together in one room to shars a few stories. These four ladies are incredible people, and honestly need no introduction. Just click the image below and it will take you to the video!


    four generations.

    Hold on to what you got…


    • Awmb 12:52 am on June 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      this was the cutest thing ever!!! i have never seen a picture or anything of your mom and now i have!!! you look just like her!

  • whatabouttoday 3:31 am on June 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Twilight vs. Let The Right One In 


    I am going to start off this post by stating that Twilight was not the WORST movie I have ever seen, but honestly, what the heck is all this hype? I went into this film thinking that it was going to be crap hoping I wouldn’t be let down, despite the endless ranting and raving from my cousins, uncle, and grandmother. Granted, a 16 year old, a 13 year old, a 47 year old & a 70 year old’s taste in films is probably going to differ greatly from mine, but I never cast out a film for it’s subject matter. I mean come on, I have loved films like Bridget Jones Diary despite is being a huge chick-flick, and Happiness despite, well, it’s… um… child raping. We have all seen at least one vampire film in our however short lives, and we all know that its been done before. Twilight attempted to reinvent the genre in a seemingly clever way (vampires who want to live among people and not eat them), but where it all went wrong was in the choices made by the director and editor. First, I will give credit where credit is due by giving props to the director of photography – or camera operator for those who are not aware – and the colorist for making a pretty good looking film. The somewhat muted colors and the wide landscape shots made for a really nice feel. However, in any film that has special effects, I just can’t get past them when they look like shit, or the editor (general term, I know) uses short cuts to make the action seem cooler. For instance, when the vampires attacked people or moved around quickly, instead of just cutting it cleverly or perhaps making the actors work for their money, they just sped up the film, putting the people into fast motion. Now, I know this will fool many people, but anyone who knows what they are looking at will have no choice but to chuckle and roll their eyes. The MTV generation & people who don’t care too much about cinematic nuances will love this movie (which anyone with a half a brain could have told you from the preview – see image below). Also, check out this much more cynical rant on the film over at Out The Other Ear‘s WordPress.

    90210 with vampires.

    Now, on the other hand we have a film that has very quickly made its way to the very tippy-top of my all-time best list. Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) so beautifuly did what Twilight wanted to do but came up about 50 yards short of a toughdown. Instead of using a huge cast of 20-somethings trying to play high school kids (what the hell is up with that anyway!?), they used two 12-year old children to have a very real, intimate relationship and added in the vampire element very subtly.

    let the right one in.

    I actually already wrote a review of this film on Rotten Tomatoes which I will now insert:


    I didn’t think it was possible to see a subject that was brought to film in 1909 live long enough to make it to the 100 year mark, but like their ageless blood-lusting creatures prove – if you have the right ingredients you can truly live forever. “Let The Right One In” was an absolutely beautiful example that as long as creative minds still exist, exceptional art will always be made.

    After the recent (past few years) onslaught of sub-par vampire films (Twilight, Blade Trinity, Underworld: Evolution) I had my doubts going into this film. The only thing (aside from positive reviews from peers) that brought my curious eye to the theater was the lure of Swedish culture. If nothing else, I would be able to immerse myself in a society rather new to me. The curtains draw and the theater falls silent as the credits roll over black. Snow falls quietly on a small courtyard surrounded by tall apartment buildings. A young boys voice mutters, “Squeel like a pig. Squeel.” Unlike it’s blood-soaked, action-packed brothers before it, this film’s understated nature is what truly captured my eye.

    Director Thomas Alfredson & cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema constantly make great use of the incredible depth of field offered by shooting on the 35mm Arriflex, and through all sorts of diffusion techniques create lighting that can only be described as a technique they called “spray light.” The whole film has a very muted feeling to it; from the pale faces of the actors, to the white snow covering everything outside. It truly added to the understated & quiet images on screen.

    squeel like a pig. squeel.

    The most incredible part of this story was how it took a subject nearly beaten to a pulp, and brought it into a real world situation. Now, I don’t mean that a horde of vampires attacked Stockholme and created mass chaos, rather it was a story of a little girl (Eli) who has been a vampire all her life and knows that she only needs blood to survive. We are shown everything from her feeding, to her playing silly games with her new found friend Oskar. The moments of terror thoughout the film are truly horrifying not only because of their perfect execution, but also because of the stoic events and images surrounding them. Example: the images go from completely quiet and motionless, to a woman bursting into a ball of fire and screaming in agony.

    Needless to say, this reviewer found this film completely brilliant, but also incredibly understated. Make sure you go into this film expecting beautiful imagery & a slow-moving story with an immense amount of payoff.



    Twilight, C-.

    • Stebs
    • Awmb 12:55 am on June 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      downloading as we speak. don’t you even fret your little head.

  • whatabouttoday 10:38 pm on June 13, 2009 Permalink | Reply  


    traveling without moving.

    traveling without moving.

    During times of travel, especially when aviation is involved, I tend to enjoy my brief time of vocal and mental solitude. It gives me time to unwind and focus mainly on self, and worry less about the remedial problems that flood my over-concious brain. However, in this life there are very few people that I wouldn’t mind sharing my persona & mental space with for a few hours, my family falling within this select few. Today I find myself traveling from cloudy Boston, MA, to slightly less cloudy Palm Beach, FL, sitting snugly by the side of my father.

    I wont go on about this but I feel it needs to be said: I hate Florida. Too humid, too flat, too touristy, too many of the elderlies running – well, crawling – though the streets.



    At any rate, I am not going down there to spend my days gallivanting with the locals or scaling palm trees in search of nutriment, rather I am going to be visiting my grandmother and my oldest living relatives, my great grand parents (obviously, where else would they live on this fine planet?) I adore these people with all my heart (video coming up really soon, check back tomorrow), but I could do without Florida.

    Toodles for now.

    ❤ Stebs.

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    A Stand-Up Guy. 

    this is zack.

    this is zack.

    Yesterday marked the 27th year that my boy Zachary Teachout has been roaming this planet, steadily searching for greatness. After Zack graduated from studying architecture & design, he went on to work for one of the largest design studios on the east coast: Soldier. After a lengthy stint there, Zack and his good friend Joshua Kampa threw caution (and every penny they had) to the wind and opened a small bike shop / boutique called OPEN. I hardly knew this beast of a man until I started riding fixed-gear bicycles though the city of Boston some 10 months ago, but every day since then I have seen the true measure of his talents, passion, and spirit.

    click here to watch the video

    click here to watch the video

    After a furious weekend of non-stop filming with this guy for a video now commonly known as “It Aint That Serious” (linked in the photo above), I knew that this dude really was truly not fuckin’ around. Everything he set his heart and mind to he did it with endless passion and devotion – really, if you haven’t been by the shop in Union Square yet, I strongly suggest checking it out – MAP.

    bike | art | design
    Now with the shop running smoothly under the steady hands of some truly amazing people, Zack, Joshua, and a former co-worker from Soldier – Ryan – have embarked on the beginning stages of opening their own design studio. In a fashion as classy as the three buttons tattooed on his wrists, Zack has named the studio Superbe Design. Already with a slue of clients, Superbe is already shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with.

    sit tight.
    Needless to say (anymore than I already have), Zachary Teachout is one hell of a stand-up guy. If you feel like keeping up with him on a regular basis, go ahead and follow him on Twitter, or just go by the shop on any given day (except Sundays of course, that day is when the beast sleeps). You will be sure to see Zack with a smile on his face, working diligently on his computer, on a bike, shaking hands, holding babies, taking pictures, drinking red bull/vitamin water/amp/coffee, re-organizing product, talking on his phone, or you know… kickin’ it.

  • whatabouttoday 4:42 am on June 10, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Big fake booties, get up and get down. B… 

    Big fake booties, get up and get down. Big fake booties, get up and get down.

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